Thursday, May 28, 2020

Woods of Sareshi

Also Called: The Haunted Woods

Type: Arboreal and dark.

Travel Info: Travelers BEWARE! These woos should not be entered at any time without an experienced guide who has been to the Forest already. The area is dark at all times and those who have wandered in unprepared end up never being heard from again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Ocean Volik

Also Known As: Volik

Type: Wet... very wet... being an ocean tends to bring that...

Travel Info: While the surface waters are usually calm and cool and a nice place to relax... travelers deep under the surface should beware! There are many unfriendly creatures in these waters but there is also quite an unfriendly race of humanoid beings!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Also Known As: The Drylands

Type: Arid and mountainous, Dytherland is not a very hospitable region, especially for those who wish to travel there.

Travel Info: The locals mostly only live in temporary shelters constructed by rivers where they set up markets as well as have access to the few plants that grow or odd animal that may provide food for a small tribe.

Inhabitants: The Simpel are the keepers of the land. They only travel in small groups to barter and trade with those of nearby towns and villages. It is suspected that they believe the land has magical properties that must be protected by the Simpel, though no one knows the exact details of anything like that in the region... and the Simpel are unwilling to share such details!